Parking charges will add to dole queue

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I write with reference to your article in the Halifax Courier, dated Friday 28th October where you headlined your article “Parking charges are having an impact” and then subtitled “Visitor numbers fall at Shibden – claim”.

Well Calderdale Council – this is no claim it is a hard fact .

As a regular service provider to The Mereside Centre on the Shibden Estate and having a fantastic working relationship with all three directors of Coffee Culture Catering (Mr Lawrence Dodson, Mr Craig Dodson & Mrs Pam Byrne), I can honestly say that due to the council’s greed at implementing parking charges in such a wonderful location has had a massive impact on my business too.

I own and manage Mrs Mopps Cleaning Services and have seen the service my team and I provide to the above named business suffer immensely as a result of the implemented parking charges.

We are now providing a reduced service and my fear is that our service to The Mereside Centre will disappear totally with further loss jobs, and I’m sure that the other local businesses and service providers will also be similarly affected, leading to further jobs losses.

You can imagine the loss in revenue.

The person responsible for this hair-brained scheme has not taken into account, in my opinion, the knock on effect the implemented parking charges would have on any of the businesses or service providers within the park. My question is :- Are the council going to re-imburse the businesses that have suffered (due to the councils halfwit scheme) with the revenue they have lost? The answer as we all know will be a catagoric NO!

I would suggest that ALL parking charges are scrapped within the park as well as the surrounding areas of the town, because the council is driving business away from the town centre with their greedy increase of prices and giving it to other Towns and Cities.

What would have been a better idea to encourage visitors anywhere would have been a Park & Ride scheme, just like Scarborough etc

But no, Calderdale’s answer to everything is to increase prices to encourage more business .

What a load of rubbish. All the council is doing is turning business away and closing businesses down and more importantly ….. adding to the dole queue.

Tracy J Blackburn

For and on behalf of Mrs Mopps Cleaning Services.