Parking reviews upset as many as they please

Here we go again, consultation what a joke.

Ask the residents of Stainland and Elland what they think of consultation, regarding 20mph zones.

This council will go ahead no matter what,in Elland less than 50 agreed with 20mph out of over 4000 residents.The councils view is if you do not take part or voice an opinion then you must agree with their proposals.

I warned weeks ago that the political will is for 20mph zones and other areas are under threat because the powers that be want to implement them through Government funding.

We may end up with enough 20mph zones to outdo “speed cameras”. I repeat the political will is there and you will not avoid them.

Can I take you back to the planning stage before the Calderdale Royal Hospital was opened.

It was obvious in those days that there would not be enough parking in the Hospital grounds to accommodate staff,doctors patients and visitors, yet the Council would not allow a multi storey car park which would have been a solution to the problem. You may ask why? Because the local councillors wanted to keep faith with the residents who did not want an “eyesore” which would in effect replaced the existing Maternity Unit.

They now have chaos around the streets of the hospital and those residents are now faced with people parking everywhere and they may have to pay for permits just to park outside their houses.

I say, go back to the days when you voted against a Multi Storey car park and search out the Councillors who voted against as well.

You are now going to pay the price so the Council can balance its budget.

In conclusion, having worked in local government for over 20 years before I retired “Parking Reviews” are notorious for upsetting as many people as they please.

Welcome to reality although if they reduce the role of the CRH any more perhaps not as many staff will work there making parking easier.

Ron Cotton

Bowood Road