Parks team has done a first class job in Elland

Watkinson Road


We frequently read critical comments about Calderdale Council and some of the actions and plans made by it and on occasions fully justified.

I am going against the current trend and offering my congratulations to one particular department, namely the parks and cemeteries division. I refer to the recent renovations made to the crematorium at Elland. On the approach the gardens are always well maintained and the overall appearance a credit to the staff involved.

Now the remembrance section of the building has been equally matched. Tastefully decorated throughout and with the inclusion of a virtual facility which allows visitors to view the remembrance book pages at will whilst retaining the original book to be viewed in a separate area.

In my opinion a first class job and congratulations should be given to those who planned, designed and carried out these improvements.

However, what a shame that Calderdale’s only crematorium still cannot be reached easily by public transport, thanks to the Arriva bus company who felt it necessary some time ago to re-route the 2679 bus journey which passed the entrance to this public building and last resting place of many.

H W D Maude