Paying the price for poor parking policy

STEVE Webster, myself and so many others warned this was coming (“Sorry we are shut”, April 2), focusing on high rents and rates and bad parking.

This is just the beginning. Why would they want to shut a library down, close Pennine Shopping Centre, demolish it and put a modernised building that looks like a fish tank next to a historic building (our town’s crowning jewel), being a new library when they are cutting down the opening hours on all libraries in Calderdale that they say will save them money.

The £100,000 the government is kindly donating to Calderdale, supposedly just about covers the rent for the shoe shop closed down before Christmas in Market Street.

I have a few personal friends with shops both in Brighouse and Halifax who are on the brink of closure due to high rents, rates, bad parking and vultures. What’s the sense in opening up new shops when we have dozens boarded up through high costs, empty with no chance of anyone taking on running any kind of business whatsoever, unless they are barmy millionaires or want another silly espresso bar and takeaway of which we have too many.

Mick McBride

Moorside Gardens, Ovenden