People need options and some notice!

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There were many good relevant articles and pictures in the Courier on the subject of people being victimised due to their extra bedroom eg Collin Stout and report by Brian Coates.

I sympathise wholeheartedly with those tenants who are threatened with having to move or immediately be faced with paying additional costs of rent and possibly community charges when many of them are either unemployed or on very low incomes.

So When a few years back ,if you found yourself on a housing list,because may be the flat you were already in had ended its lease to a housing association and had reverted back to its original owner as frequently happened in Halifax,then you would have been placed on a list for rehoming.You were at that time offered a 2 bed roomed flat by a housing associating, and as nothing else was on offer, you gladly accepted. You decorated and carpeted said flat,as you had done in the previous one,fitted curtain rails ,purchased new curtains ,etc etc and found the cost of removal. You now find you are penalised for accepting the property and for struggling to make it comfortable and “your Home” What kind of Social engineering is this? ie You will now pay more or move! And even though we have no nice one bed roomed accommodation to offer you at the present time and we originally allowed the Housing Association to give you your present accommodation, we will nevertheless charge you extra for remaining in the said 2 bed accommodation. If eventually we can find you a smaller property (lets hope you like where it is ) eg will it be near your friends ,church,club, family etc ?You will then be faced with the cost of removal, decorating, re-carpeting etc etc. I understand the need to utilise housing stock more effectively but there must be a more humane way of doing this. There should be a list of optional properties drawn up and at least two years without “bedroom tax” to enable those who wish to use that time to make the move to find something acceptable, others may choose to stay and the allowed time would enable them to re-evaluate their living expenses accordingly. Why can ordinary people ,and the Church and local Government feel compassion and understanding for Society when the powers that be in government can not. They talk of The Big Society but I see what they offer as the Segregated Community where those with little power will be given limited choices of both place to live and place in Society.

Mrs June Jones