People will not abandon hospices for new lottery

Your edition carried an article highlighting concerns from Overgate Hospice about the impact the new Health Lottery might have on local hospice fund-raising schemes.

The People’s Health Trust is the independent charity responsible for deciding how the £50million of good causes money raised through the local society lotteries will be spent.

The money raised will be an injection of new funding into the charitable sector and we are very confident it will not be detrimental to existing schemes.

We don’t believe people will abandon hospice lotteries to play The Health Lottery instead and we would not want them to.

Hospice lotteries have long-established local networks of supporters and donors who rightly give their time and spare money to this specific and very important cause.

People supporting local hospices have often been touched in some way by the important work they do. We believe this is the primary motivation for supporting their on-going work and this will not be changed by The Health Lottery which has a completely different focus.

Not all hospices share the concern raised: People’s Health Trust has had a significant number approaching us to find out more about our grant programmes, including some hospices which have criticised the Health Lottery.

Our grant work is aimed at activity which will promote longer healthier lives, hopefully ensuring fewer people will need palliative or hospice care later in life. Hospices do an incredible job and we see our role at the People’s Health Trust as complimentary to, and not in competition with local hospices.

John Hume

Chief Executive

People’s Health Trust