Petition is very clear – library must not move

During the Q&A session prior to Monday night’s Cabinet Meeting, Councillor Barry Collins again dismissed the views of over 16,000 people who signed a petition in 2009, claiming that the petition was opposing a proposed re-location to Broad Street and is, therefore, not relevent to the present debate.

May we place on public record the wording of the 2009 petition:

We, the undersigned, oppose any plan to demolish the purpose-built, heavily used and easily accessible Central Library/Archives in Halifax and to relocate the present facilities to another site.

This makes no mention of Broad Street and simply opposed any plans to move the present facilities to any other site.

These words are just as relevant today as they were 3 years ago.

Anne Kirker,

Coordinator, Don’t Bulldoze OUR Library Campaign.

Oldham Rd, Rishworth