Petrol station kindness will help charity

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Kell Lane


On Wednesday March 23, an act of such generosity occurred which I felt compelled to share with a wider audience and in the hope that the person concerned may read your newspaper to pass on my thanks once again.

I went to the local BP petrol station on Godley Lane to put some diesel in one of the school minibuses. I put £50 worth of fuel in the bus and then went to pay.

Unfortunately I had inadvertently picked up £40 from school. I was facing the walk back to school to pick up the rest of the money when a gentleman behind me offered to give me £10. I accepted thinking that I would return the money immediately.

After paying I turned around and to my surprise the man had left the shop and was getting into his vehicle. I ran out of the shop and asked him for his name and address etc so I could forward the money.

He refused to accept the money and told me to give it to charity. I was amazed at this selfless act of generosity. We hear so many stories of the darker side of human nature and this episode has demonstrated the kindness people can show. The children of Salterlee will be deciding to which charity the money will be donated.

If you are the Asian gentleman around the age of 40, driving a Mitsubishi Warrior – thanks once again.

Andy Taylor

Headteacher of Salterlee

Primary School