Policy is out of touch

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Beginning next week thousands of families will be notified they are no longer eligible to claim Family Allowance.

If there is only one wage earner in the family and they earn over £50,000 their benefit will be stopped. Next door two wage earners each earning £50,000 will keep their benefit, this does not make sense.These people have worked, paid their taxes and National Insurance contributions and so they are legally entitled to this benefit. Unlike foreign workers who come here and immediately claim Family Allowance, even if their children aren’t with them, also they can use the Health Service and they haven’t paid one penny into the system. So-called Asylum Seekers claim Job Seekers allowance and Family Allowance and rent property at £2,000 a month. They too haven’t paid a penny into the system. No other country allows this. The government pollsters claim this policy is popular with the general public. How wrong can they be? No man or Prime Minister should take from children or their own to give to others. This shows how out of touch this government is.

G Oxley

Cromwell Road