Poppies are red

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I writing to you with regards to the poem, below.

It was written recently by my girlfriend’s mother Mrs J Taylor. It was used as part of a display at Morrisons in Illingworth as part of the Poppy Collection in that store.

I was passed a copy of this and found it very moving and fitting. Whilst it captures timeless recollections of remembrance I believe it also reminds us that remembrance is not just about wars of past but also of current conflicts in which our troops are currently serving.

Martin Ellwood

Poppies are red

The sky’s like blue velvet, the sun is so bright,

A beautiful morning, not a grey cloud in sight.

A sea of red poppies before my eyes,

Each one representing a hero’s demise.

The poppies stand tall, proud and erect,

Their red petals flutter, as if paying respect.

The scene is quite stunning, but no matter how hard I try,

Emotions overwhelm me and I break down and cry.

My mind drifts back to World War 1 and World War 2

But throughout the world, we have new conflicts to live through.

My mind is racing, my heart full of sorrow,

Thinking of heroes who didn’t have a tomorrow.

Normal people leading extraordinary lives,

Sons, daughters, husbands and wives.

Wars created by leaders, intoxicated by power,

Presuming conflict will bring them their finest hour.

So many young lives shattered and lost,

As with all wars, such a terrible cost.

Brave warriors fighting, striving for peace,

Praying that hatred and suffering will cease.

An unanswerable question, perhaps I shouldn’t ask it,

But how many more will return in a flag covered casket?