Prince Buffoon

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Shaw Street

Holywell Green

Prince ‘air miles’ Andy comes across as a first class buffoon with the latest revelations about the company he keeps, especially with the well-known sex offender, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and the Gaddafi family of despots.

Andy’s visit to Bahrain where he was found hawking his Sunninghill Park home to Kazakhstan Timur Kulibayev who bought it for £3million over the asking price of £12million, incidentally the house was a gift from his mother the Queen. HRH Prince Andrew has continued to associate with more dodgy characters notably Tarek Kaitauni, a Libyan gun smuggler, Sakher El Matari, a suspect in money laundering and these are just a few of many.

Simon Wilson Britain’s former deputy head of mission to Bahrain says most diplomats christened him HBH, His Buffoon Highness due to his childish obsession of doing exactly what he wants.

So while he continues his shameful role of flaunting his position as UK Trade Envoy, satisfying his own expensive tastes, one has to wonder if the present Government are instrumental in his dealings with Saudi Arabia in an arms selling deal next month. Azerbaijan is a vital trading partner for Britain but Prince Andrew’s private visits there have led to further questions about his own interests and the inevitable conflict of interest it raises.

Donald Leach