Priority is given to arts over elderly and disabled

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I AM writing to express my concerns that Calderdale DART may lose their funding. I was quite surprised to read in the Courier that our council considers the arts a higher priority than services for the elderly, disabled and carers.

I have accessed DART’s service on behalf of my late mother who sadly developed dementia. She had become very argumentative and needed care but wouldn’t have anyone but me helping her.

I managed to get someone from DART to come and see mum. The advisor was very thoughtful and considerate and explained very clearly to mum that she was entitled to an allowance to pay for her care.

Mum accepted this lady’s help to apply and we were able to pay for a cleaner and companion for mum.

I will never forget that kindness and find it truly sad that others who need that help will be denied it. I have no doubt that what DART do cannot simply be replaced by a general level of service provided by the CAB.

No disrespect to the CAB, but they are not specialists and don’t seem to offer anything like DART’s service, being “a burger in comparison to a fillet steak” sort of advice bureaux. I hope DART can find the funding to carry on and I hope our council sees the needs of disabled and sick people as a little bit higher of a priority than a “hand-made parade.”

The token gesture of a possible transition payment for a year won’t give DART a guarantee that they can continue. I hope the council can dig deep and fund DART.

Margaret Jones

Savile Park Road