Problem is that laws are not enforced

Mr Barry Collins states that the new Control Orders are intended to reduce the problem of dog fouling.

The current position must therefore be unsatisfactory. However, the current position which is confirmed by notices all over the place states that it is an offence not to pick up excrement deposited by your dog.

How can that be unsatisfactory. What is unsatisfactory is this. This is not, nor ever has been, enforced. I do not know Barry Collins and I must admit to not knowing anything about the work that he does on our behalf but this just seems to be an unnecessary and a mainly unenforceable set of new regulations which go against the way that we should socialise our dogs as recommended by various pet organisations. In fact it could create a problem that Mr Collins should consider.

The Conquest Hospital in Hastings, East Sussex noticed 37 cases, over a 2 month period, of patients needing treatment for broken bones, soft tissue injuries or head wounds related to dog walking. Most were pulled over by their dog whilst it was on a lead. On these cases, 16 needed surgery as a result. If this is projected to a year then there would be over 200 cases and over 80 requiring surgery.

Dr Henry Willmott from the Conquest Hospital told a Daily Mail reporter that “Elderly women walking their dog on uneven ground were most at risk of injury. Some of the injuries were serious and resulted in considerable morbidity”.

I visit Manor Heath quite a lot and see many elderly ladies walking round happily with their dogs playing together and enjoying themselves, I enjoy Manor Heath but I will not if I see a fall resulting in an injury which could be related to the ruling that the dog must be on a lead.

Trevor Weatherill

Cragg Vale