Problem would not exist if law was enforced

The laws relating to dog fouling have been on our Statue Book for years, yet their impact has been minimal.

If they were enforced as rigorously and as ubiquitously as our parking regulations and drink driving laws, the problem of dog-fouling would no longer exist, and the innovations announced in your paper would be superfluous.

I regularly exercise my dog, a black Labrador bitch called Bonny, on Savile Park- the Moor, as we call it - and the first thing I do on setting foot on the Moor is to let her off her lead. I can tell by her body language when she is about to “perform”, and promptly clean up after her, depositing the tied nappy sack in the nearest waste bin.

I consider myself to be a responsible dog-owner, and believe that I speak for all such when I say that I carry no brief whatsoever for those who allow their dogs to foul and do not clean up after them. However, I am convinced that it is impossible to exercise a dog without letting it off its lead and allowing it to run free. Indeed, I doubt whether Bonny would “perform” for me if I kept her on her lead all the time!

In conclusion, I consider the proposed innovations to be draconian, unenforceable and counter-productive.

I consider the existing laws to be perfectly adequate as they stand - all they need is enforcing!

Oliver Robinson

Glen Terrace