Promoting tourism



Well done Councillor Nash for promoting tourism (Wish you were here, Courier April) Calderdale has so much to offer. The fact is folk just don’t know what there is.

Outsiders’ perception is that it is a grim soulless place Yet there is so much history, wildlife, fantastic countryside, industrial heritage and much, much more.

I’ve lived in the North, Midlands and South and Calderdale is special. We really must promote what is so unique. Tourism for Calderdale is in my view the key to economic success.

I do however question whether all our Councillors really have grasped this and there seems to be a lack of common purpose. Talk of shutting Shibden and Bankfield weekdays is counter productive and the cost savings?

Very little in the scheme of things. The Industrial Museum should be resurrected. This is our heritage.

Having lived here for 30 years the Piece Hall still takes my breath away. It really is one of the 10 top places to visit in the UK. Sorry Councillors why are we employing consultants at great cost (again) to advise on the future of the Piece Hall?

Perfectly simple as your correspondent Mrs Longbottom said, we need to fill the shops. That’s what people want. Can you imagine the floors full of different shops, more in one location than the likes of York or Chester? Tourists would flock in, other attractions would follow. Meantime the shops lie empty, producing no income so how about for a period rent free?

Sorry don’t tell me you’ve tried it because if you have you haven’t marketed it properly. It could be Yorkshire’s Covent Garden.

Of course we are all aware of the cuts in spending everywhere but can we be creative please and build on the Calderdale’s unique qualities. Income will follow.

Dick Stephenson