Property TV show Grand Designs a feather in our cap!

I read in today’s Courier that you’re looking for people who have appeared on TV. This is after the article about a local company’s work appearing on Grand Designs.

Well , I appeared on ‘To buy or not to buy’ two years ago. I’m an estate agent in Sowerby Bridge and the production company were looking for local properties. They feature three on the programme, with one chosen by the couple appearing to ‘test drive’.

Of the three on the show, two were houses we were selling and I was interviewed by Simon O’Brian (Of Brookside fame).

By the time the programme was aired, one of the properties was still available and we were inundated with e- mails and requests for viewings.

The other property had a more interesting outcome. On the show , the couple have to guess the price. This one particular property they guessed at £130,000 and £140,000.

It was on the market for £190,000 and by the time of the airing it had exchanged at £180,000!

A definite feather in our cap

John Churchill

William H Brown