Proposal was put in 18 months ago


The proposed sale of the Shay Stadium became public knowledge when Coun Pauline Nash raised the issue at the Cabinet meeting three weeks ago. 

It has now become known that the council received the proposal some 18 months ago when Coun Nash was the cabinet member responsible for the portfolio which included the Shay.  It is somewhat surprising that she needed clarification about an offer she should have been well aware of! 
It appears the sour grapes as a result of the fall out following the break up of the coalition between the Liberal Democrats and Labour has brought this issue into the public domain. However, one must ask if Coun Nash was so concerned, why did she not make it public when she was in control of the Shay?
Ideologically I have no objection to the Shay being transferred to private ownership as long the interests of  F C Halifax Town,  Halifax RLFC and the community are fully protected.  It is essential that the council recovers the investment made by local tax payers, which considering the offer rumoured at just over £2 million is not the case and will result in a loss of approximately £3 million. It must be asked what is motivating a sale of an asset at such a loss? Maybe it’s because at the time the offer was received the sale of Heath Training Centre, valued at a similar figure, fell through, leaving a shortfall in the funding of the council’s beloved Central Library project. 
It is hoped the council is not conducting a “Fire Sale” of the Shay stadium to fill the shortfall and all avenues have been investigated to ensure local tax payer’s investment is protected. At present this appears not to be the case.

Andrew Tagg

Conservatve Candidate
Skircoat Ward