Protestors’ right to be heard

St Stephens Court



Over recent weeks a devoted team of concerned Calderdale residents, who also belong to several community organisations, clubs etc, have been doing a survey of local people’s opinions about their concerns, regarding the Copley Valley proposed development at the Sterne Mills site.

Approximately 90 per cent of residents in and around Copley Valley are totally against the planning applications for this development to be past by Calderdale council.

Well over 500 objectors have handed in signed objection letters, as well as several hundred who have objected online and by letter.

The coalition government promotes the idea that the “Big Society” belongs to the people and not those who have some kind of mandate to think what’s best for each and every community, especially when it com.

Ninety per cent of the people asked for their opinion about this development have a right to have their voices heard.

Brilliant “Big Society” bosses!

Rob Lloyd