Provide housing but protect our beautiful area

Many people in Calderdale will be breathing a sigh of relief at the announcement of the new streamlined National Planning Policy Framework.

There were fears that the green belt and other areas of countryside would be open to development but, since the first draft, notice has been taken of the objections from the National Trust and the Campaign to Protect Rural England and many other environmental organisations, and has protected the countryside.

We live in a stunningly beautiful part of the country and it is important that as well as providing sites for much needed housing and businesses, we protect our green spaces.

The Planning Minister stated that the new framework ‘recognises the intrinsic value and beauty of the countryside, whether specifically designated or not’

And it has to be a bonus for anyone submitting a plan that the planning guidance has been reduced from 1,300 pages to fewer than 50!

Christine Bampton-Smith

Liberal Democrat Councillor

Luddendenfoot Ward