Provide more bins and start to fine offenders

I have been having an email correspondence with the Council regarding bins for dog mess and am getting nowhere.

I am lucky enough to live next to woods that are accessed by a cobbled road which goes past the front of my house.

The cobbles are like a cart track in that they have a strip of grass down the middle of them.

The road is used by dog walkers to and from the woods and the grass is invariably covered in dog mess, something I don’t want to see when I look out of my window.

If the dog owners do bag their waste they throw it over a wall and this sometimes gets caught in the trees, as in your recent story regarding Ogden Water.

The Council have been kind enough to put a sign on one of the street lights which says the dog owners should pick it up and have also been to pick up the poo from the grass but when I enquired as to how we could have a dog poo bin next to the woods I was told that the Council do not provide dog poo bins!

I was also told that dog mess can be picked up and put into a domestic waste bin.

I have replied that I do not particularly want to pick some thoughtless dog owner’s mess up and am awaiting a reply but I was very disappointed in their response re providing dog poo bins.

Perhaps instead of saddling us with all the recycling bins the Council could put aside some money for these things or at least put more action in to fining people who don’t pick up.

Jacqui Watkins-Howarth