Providing water is a small price to pay

Your report (15/8/11) on Calderdale Council’s consumption of bottled water misses the point.

Despite the natural health benefits, the average Briton drinks just 200ml of water a day1 - less than one glass out of the six to eight glasses of fluid (equal to 1.2 litres) the NHS says we should be drinking daily.

The cost of providing bottled water to Calderdale council employees is little more than 1p per working day - which is surely a small price to help people make healthier choices.

The majority of bottled water is actually drunk IN ADDITION to tap water, not instead of and as bottled water consumption has increased, the amount of tap water drunk on its own has not declined.

So it provides a healthy alternative to packaged sugar sweetened beverages that contain liquid calories and the British Nutrition Foundation states that water is the only liquid we should be drinking ‘plenty’ of.

So why would we want to discourage council employees from drinking it?

Kinvara Carey, G.Mgr

Natural Hydration Council


I have never understood the craze for buying bottled water and have always stuck with tap water. For the Council to spend this amount of money unnecessarily is appalling.

Margaret White


I think this is a disgusting amount of tax payers’ money being spent on water. If they want water, they can bring some from home or buy some - the same as everybody else has to.

It seems to be the norm at the moment councils and goverment doing what they want with tax payers money. I have to buy water, I have to pay my own pension and i cant claim any expenses!

I no the council have to supply a drirkable water supply but surly NOT £25,000 worth.

James Redford