Public never voted Thatcher out

divided opinion Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
divided opinion Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

It is sad news that Margaret Thatcher our last great Prime Minister has passed on. The deterioration of the Conservative Party began when her own party stabbed her in the back on the “Night of the Long Knives”.

The British public never voted her out and never had that opportunity. Her prediction of the foolishness of being drawn into a federal Europe, that she so strongly fought against, have been verified by our present catastrophic predicament. Derisory comments from that aggressive tax avoider and Europhile Neil Kinnock and his ilk should be treated with contempt. The UK Independent Party will continue to do all they can to repair the damage and extricate the British Public from this disorganised and corrupt debacle which is the European Union.

Nick Yates

Laverock Lane Brighouse

I’d rather remember Harold

Having lost my own mother just over a year ago, following a steady deterioration due to dementia, my sympathy goes to the family of Margaret Thatcher. During my life time, eight other former Prime Ministers have died – Churchill, Atlee, Eden, Macmillan, Douglas-Home, Wilson, Heath and Callaghan. 
Only Churchill had a state funeral, and that was because he led the country through most of the Second World War. Amongst many other great reforms, Atlee presided over the creation of the NHS, but he wasn’t feted in this way at his death. Wilson won four general elections (Thatcher won three), and his achievements included leading governments that introduced equal pay for women, reduced the voting age from 21 to 18, legalised homosexuality and created the Open University. Further, he had the wisdom to leave office quietly when he discovered that his health was deteriorating. I can see no justification for the quasi state funeral for Thatcher, but clearly her supporters and imitators can see one.
I leave it to the readers of this letter to make their own mind up, but personally I would rather remember the likes of Harold Wilson for his achievements and wisdom.

Peter Judge

Tofts Grove Gardens