Rail timetable changes are adjusting to development


I’d like to respond to Mr Richardson’s letter, dated 18 July where he voices his concerns on how proposed timetable changes in 2014 could in turn affect our services to Walsden.

Over the last few months we have been carrying out consultation sessions with stakeholders on the draft proposals for the May 2014 timetable. That timetable change has significant implications for some of our services as it is when the fifth transpennine path will be introduced. This means a whole scale recast of both Northern and TransPennine Express services and we have worked closely to try and deliver the best overall service for our customers across the North.
The above said we know that in any change of this scale we won’t be able to meet the aspirations on frequency or stopping patterns for all groups, so we work to find the best overall solution and value the feedback from all our stakeholders on the proposals. In terms of the Calder Valley route we are carrying out further analysis and we have made some changes to services as a result of those comments that will increase peak journey opportunities for certain stations on the line, including Walsden.
Rather than this being a decision reached for the monetary profit of shareholders, the proposals are shaped by external industry factors and considered so that we can ensure it is our growing numbers of customers who experience the benefit of the introduction of the fifth path over the Pennines first-hand.

Rob Warnes

Performance and Planning Director

Northern Rail