Really get tough on looters

David Cameron says he will get tough with the idiots looting and burning.

We have not got a tough sentence for anything.

First we should get tough with young offenders - the 10 and 11 year olds and stop them becoming old offenders.

We should have fixed penalties also that when someone steals a car he or she knows they are going to get five years in prison and will have to serve five years.

It is no use banning someone who already has a ban and did not care about having a licence or insurance in the first place.

They are doing the crime because they know the punishment is to soft so if they knew it was tougher they would think again. The biggest laugh is letting them out of prison on trust. They should make the people who let them out finish the sentence.

What we had over those days was all the little gangs of idiots you find on street corners coming together.

One last thing make the parents pay - tell them if they have money they are going to get a bill and if they are on benefits, if their little angel does it again, they will have their benefits stopped.

Mainly let’s get tough more fixed penalties seven means seven. If they want out early make them earn it - but i mean really earn it.

Tommy Marriott