Register your interest to get involved

Westfield Avenue


There is now a need for all local organisations to be on their guard and register their interest in the Local Development Framework and the new Localism Bill later in the year.

Neighbourhood Plans will allow communities to: Set up neighbourhood development orders to define specific developments or types of development which will have automatic planning permission without the need for any application to the Planning Department!

Grant outline Planning Permission in other cases to establish the right to develop so only the details will need approval.

Establish general policies to steer traditional planning application decisions.

Propose neighbourhood boundaries in places without existing Parish Councils, communities can establish neighbourhood forums to create a neighbourhood plan. The local authority will have a duty to provide support and to ensure compliance with other legal requirements.

Independent assessors will “lightly examine” the plans to ensure legal and national policy compliance and alignment with neighbouring plans and council strategy.

A referendum requiring the majority in favour would ensure public support for the final plan.

All local organisations concerned about local planning and development need to become involved. Leeds City Region along with Calderdale Council are still dictating the sites for new housing within our boundaries.

Chris O’Connor

Hipperholme and Lightcliffe Environmental Group