Remember, pensions will rise by £5.60

Following your email I looked into the changes to the personal allowance for pensioners and found that there has been some misrepresentation and confusion spread by the some parts of the media and political parties. This is not some attack on pensioners.

The levels of personal allowance for this year and last financial year are below:

2011-12 2012-13 2013-14

Below 65 £7475 £8105 £9200

65-74 £9940 £9940 £9940

75+ £10 090 £10 090 £10090

There has been no reduction in the tax free allowance for those 65 plus, you can still earn (depending on age) £9940 or £10090 tax free. Both of these numbers will start to go up when the allowance for those under 65 catches up, which will be around 2014. Remember that although the personal allowance is not rising this year, the state pension is by £5.60 a week. Remember the insulting 75p Gordon Brown gave? I hope this helps to clarify what’s happening.

Tom Lees

Illingworth Road