Represent everyone - not a certain few

Another new library, what’s wrong with king Cross library? I beginning to think Calderdale council have more money and sense, (it’s alright I suppose when you’re spending other people’s money) we are living in a time where they are saying that cut backs are inevitable and services are to be drastically reduced because the country’s almost bankrupt.

Libraries along with swimming pools, gyms and even parks are all nonessential services not like Police, Fire Services and quite a few others, these services should all be self financing or privatised, those that use them should pay for them, there are lot of people that never ever use libraries, swimming pools, gyms and parks and don’t have any inclination ever want to, so why should these people have to pay for them?

They should be allowed to spend there money on things that they are interested in, or meeting there bills in instead of paying for other peoples interests.

I use swimming pools quite a lot and am not a versed to paying more when I wish to use them.

Come on Calderdale you’re supposed to represent all the people not just a certain few as you seem to be doing more and more.

Norman Noy