Resident is concerned at the way houses will be allocated in Calderdale's Local Plan

How will the homes be allocated?
How will the homes be allocated?

I write in regard to the article ‘Affordable homes planned for valley’ and the tremendous amount of self-congratulation and reciprocal backslapping by Calderdale’s Labour Cabinet over their ‘Local Plan’.

“Wow!” Coun Sutherland. “Wow!” 26 new affordable homes, you say? How generous.

How will these be allocated? Will the 20 lucky families and six retired couples be chosen via a lottery?

What about everyone else in Hebden Bridge and Todmorden? Will they have to emigrate to the other side of the valley?

I understand the risk to Labour councillors of NIMBYs not being happy of new houses but this Local ‘Plan’ forgets the group of people Labour set out to represent – the working class.

I was somewhat under-awed with Coun Sutherland’s grasp of economics (supposedly having 20 affordable homes near Hebden Bridge is a boost to local shops).

Has Coun Sutherland been to Hebden Bridge recently? It’s the preserve of the middle class.

Are these working class people going to saunter down to Coop to buy a £2.50 loaf of sour dough bread? Or some bespoke hand crafted ornaments? Don’t think so.

I guess he got it right that they’ll be walking because his council charge so much for parking that working class people won’t be able to go there except by foot.

Getting to work will be difficult, perhaps they won’t work – after all it’s not practical given the congestion on Burnley Road at present.

They could have at least built them in Todmorden where they have two reasonably priced supermarkets (and two very closed ones lol).

Well done Coun Sutherland – you are all we have come to expect of a councillor who has never worked a proper job.


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