Resident thinks its time to find a new system as Calderdale banks close

Hebden Bridge bank is the latest set to close
Hebden Bridge bank is the latest set to close

When business people and personal customers alike in yet another small town are to be deprived of vital banking services it is high time to work out a new system.

Time was when bank accounts were held only by a minority of the population and yet banks had branches, often quite splendid, in almost every town and in many villages too.

In spite of email etc businesses and people still need to visit their local branches. If banks claim they cannot afford to maintain branches, what is to prevent different banking houses sharing a building and opening on different days of the week using mobile staff? Logical common sense.

When some banks have branches of a sort in supermarkets, what is to stop them entering into long term rentals in public buildings, again with shared use to reduce costs to banks and thus their customers?

Who would object to banking in Town Halls and chapels, libraries and sports centres and even medical centres etc when such custom would help with the running costs of public buildings?

Their failure to co-operate indicates bankers are incapable of providing a public service from which banks profit.

The pros and cons of internet banking are as arguable as the chicken and the egg but many loyal customers have been driven to different banks when their own has failed them. Do banks deserve to collapse?


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