Residents' concerns will be ignored

Jubilee Road Siddal Halifax

Further to the letter from Diane Wade ("Bridge closure was not in our interests", Your say, 6 January) about the proposed destruction of the Copley Valley by the construction of hundreds of unnecessary and unwanted houses, I fear the concerns of the ordinary people who live there will be ignored, just as was the case when a once delightful part of my home town of Kettering was ruined by civic vandalism like the spoilation of the once pleasant Halifax roundabout recently noted in 'Your say'.

We have, in this country, an arrogant elite consisting largely of propagandists of two clapped out political parties whose only interest is self-perpetuation and to hell with the interests of the country and the making of any real effort to solving problems.

This situation applies locally and in the case of filling yet more of beautiful Calderdale with houses, would it not be better to look at ways of bringing the upper storeys of buildings in our towns into use as living accommodation, as in the case of the bottom side of the Borough Market which was successfully achieved some years ago.

This could surely be carried out with strategically placed staircases and lifts in empty shops.

Sadly, much less thought is needed to fill pleasant parts of the countryside with houses I fear.

I wish Diane Wade's organisation every success in its fight against this latest example of wanton official vandalism.

Graham N Rigby