Rethink the ban on dogs

I am a responsible dog owner, who always “picks up” after our dog, and sometimes others dogs, too.

I do notice however the amount of other litter that is around, such as glass, fast food containers, cans, plastic bottles etc and it is clear that there are many groups who use our parks who have no sense of responsibility.

Banning dogs is not going to make any difference to these people.

Also I would like to point out that if dogs are banned in parks, then our pavements will be covered in mess, as dogs do have to poo somewhere! Irresponsible people will not pick up mess on pavements if they don’t do it in parks.

I remember a time when dogs used to be let out to roam around the towns without their owners and the pavements were disgusting.

And as Paul Davies pointed out (Thursday 13 Oct edition) current laws to control fouling, littering and offensive behaviour would be adequate if they were enforced.

Please, Calderdale Council, rethink this matter.

Jean Reddyhoff