Ridings could be put to great use

Just where does Councillor Barry Collins get his ingenious quotes from (cloud cuckoo land)?

I refer to his quotes in the Courier, June 16, “Now is the time for anyone who could contribute to making The Ridings become a community asset where community groups can offer help/advice and services”. Back in March 2010 Coun Collins said “We are worried that a long-term future for The Ridings is not forthcoming”.

Well Councillor, in between 25/3/2010 and 16/7/2011 have you forgotten that exactly one year on, 25/3/2011, that I had a letter printed (“Give Mick and his boxers full support”). I asked for Mick and his team to be allowed to use The Ridings for their no-doubt future academy, and give Mick and his team the support he needs and deserves. Thousands of youngsters off the streets, off drugs, off vandalism etc, etc, channelling their energy into good not waste.

So you give Mick help and advice in return you get Mick’s services and a solution for at least part of The Ridings.

An empty building brings no income, or can’t you and your fellow councillors see the wood for the trees?

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive