Right to give doctors more responsibility

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Now that discussions have started to change the way our NHS system operates, I thought it would be ample to point out a few things.

People complain about the state of the current system, but when changes come around, they jump on the band wagon and beg for changes not to go through.

Well, my thought on this is that it is the best thing any government could possibly do.

Having had many poor experiences either in hospital or at my own GP’s practice, I have now realised it is in the best interest of the British public.

Why should people have to put up with their GP’s arguing about something basic like blood results?

Similarly with hospitals, why should patients get pushed from pillow to post and back again because of varied opinions from doctors?

Many doctors seem to think people are like dolls that they can push around easily, which is why more responsibility is needed to be given to them.

If doctors start to take more responsibility for their decisions, then we can move on and start to develop new treatments and therapies for things such as dementia and different forms of cancer.

By improving the NHS, we could also improve screening.

Many people seem to forget we are an ever growing nation and that people are living longer, so better health care needs dealing with.

This will not only help people in the short term, but in the long term.

Maybe people should consider the long term effects on their health, without decent health care facilities for them and their loved ones.

G Thompson

Sowerby Bridge