Right to question public funding of trade unions

I feel your scant coverage of the debate regarding the taxpayers’ £250,000 contribution to Trade Union officials “working” for Calderdale Council didn’t cover many of the points raised. Courier page 5 October 8 “Union cull fails at first hurdle”.

Point one is to say that the Conservative motion was not about culling the union representatives but more about culling the money spent on them in these economic harder times.

Also you didn’t mention Labour Cllr Tim Swift’s almost smear remark, that the issue has been started by the Taxpayers’ Alliance (tpa) as if that makes it a bad thing.

Well for the record the tpa is wholly funded by voluntary contributions and receives not a farthing of taxpayers’ money whereas it is estimated that nationally about £86m is spent on funding trade union officials working in the public sector. Of course they were funded in the private sector but when Liverpool Docks were being considered as the main port for oil distribution in Europe guess what happened? They were on strike again so Amsterdam got it.

Remember Red Robbo and the car manufacturers? He too was a paid official who helped destroy the industry with strike action.

So I feel we were right in raising how much the tax payer should cough up to fund the union officers in these austere times.

Naturally Cllr Tim Swift and his colleagues will get hot under the collar about this because not only do the unions fund the Labour Party they actually choose its leader as well!

Cllr Roger Taylor (Con, Northowram and Shelf)