Rioting shows how we have abandoned morals

Rioting across Britain this week - who or what is to blame?
Rioting across Britain this week - who or what is to blame?

MANY readers must have been shocked at the recent scens of violence in London streets.

These young people (and older people too) seem to have no shame or sense of right and wrong.

Danger to peoples’ lives and setting fire to property give the police an impossible job maintinaing law and order. There is worrying uncertainty about the future.

Of course, the law must take its course. Criminals must be tried and if found guilty punished.

It is easy to blame individuals for their foolish and bad behaviour, but there is a deeper problem.

Why has all this happened now? Economics, politics and education amy contribute to an answer.

I suggest this is a moral and spiritual problem as well. This disturbance will only be fully corrected in a moral and spiritual way. The disorder on the London streets points to some disorder in the nation’s character. Society is now organised in a way that largely ignores religious faith.

Its ways pass by belief in god. The bible seldom influences big decisions. This has been the case for a long time.

Perhaps this accounts for some - a lot? - of the present turmoil.

If so, only a recovery of the Christian faith will truly solve the problem.

Frank Carless,

Arden Road, Halifax