Road here is still a danger

After reading in the Courier (June 7) about a young boy being hit by a car at Luddendenfoot School I started wondering how many people could remember the protest that was held in the village over 40 years ago to try to get a pelican crossing installed.

There was already a zebra crossing but after numerous accidents on or near the crossing there was a lot of concern in the village and it was decided to hold a public meeting in the institute to discuss the situation. It was very well attended, including the then local MP Mr Douglas Houghton and Councillor Allan Pettengell, who was a great help.

It was decided to hold a public demonstration at the crossing and as many people as possible were asked to attend on a Friday teatime. A large crowd gathered with a lot of us young mums with children in prams and pushchairs. We then crossed and re-crossed the road repeatedly holding up the traffic from Brearley to Friendly. After a while a van load of policemen arrived and asked us to disperse, with one or two people being arrested!

However, we had made a good point and eventually the crossing was changed to a pelican, making it a much safer place.

Luddendenfoot has always been a dangerous place to cross the road and sadly, with the volume of traffic every day, it is still a dangerous place especially for children up by the school.

Mrs S Winters

Ripley Terrace