Road is too busy to block the way

Stainland Road in West Vale is not the widest of roads, and particularly at rush-hour times it is does get congested.

You will therefore understand my disappointment when someone parks unreasonable on this busy road at this time.

I am not talking about a car or small vehicle, but a large waste wagon with a trailer. The vehicle is normally stopped, facing ongoing traffic, at the bus stop “No stopping except for local buses”, filling up the whole of the area between Green Lane and Elizabeth Street.

I suspect the reason for this early morning thoughtlessness, is the drivers desire to enjoy his breakfast.

I hope that Sonoco in Holywell Green take this matter a bit seriously, though the fact that I have had to bring it the Courier’s notice, shows that my earlier telephone calls to the firm have been ignored.

I would be surprised if Sonoco cannot identify the driver - since a name is displayed in the windscreen!!

Peter Broadley