Roadworks in town a shambles

It’s nice to see the Broad Street development taking shape, even though I think it’s a ‘white elephant’ - and we were all warned that delays and disrupt on would be caused to motorists.

But what we motorists were not told was that the council highways/contractors were going to try to maim us with the shambolic and utter shambles of the main roundabout which is used by traffic to all routes in and out of Halifax.

You stay in the left hand lane on Burdock Way/Ovenden Road to the town centre then the newly-painted road says A58, same as the right hand lane. You have to somehow manoeuvre to the lane you want (virtually impossible). But, after speaking to the contractors, they say it will be rectified immediately. One lane even says ‘car park’, what car park? The contractors said it was a major mistake.

Mistakes on this scale should not happen to a multi-million pound development. Someone should be brought to book on this near catastrophe. (Any ideas? Head of Highways?).

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive

Illingworth Halifax