Robin’s grave

The late Lady Armytage’s comments about the non-existence of Robin Hood are based upon some notes by her ancestor the last Sir Samuel Armytage and reported by the great antiquary Richard Gough who wrote:

‘The late Sir Samuel Armytage, the owner of the premises, caused the ground under it (the grave slab) to be dug a good yard deep and found it had never been disturbed; so that it was probably brought from some other place and by vulgar tradition ascribed to Robin Hood.’ Quoted page 44 of Professor Sir James Holt’s book ‘Robin Hood’

He was kind enough to autograph my copy of his book on a visit to Bradford Grammar School several years ago. His is one of many distinguished OBs, now of women and as well as men, who keep in tough with their Old School and its past and present teachers.

Donald Haigh

(BGS 1956-1988)

Halifax Road