Rushed proposal will not work

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I really am annoyed that some people do not pick up dog muck that their dog has deposited.

We have two dogs that we take regularly to the Halifax parks. We watch our dogs carefully and always pick up after them, we do see people who do not do this, it sometimes happens when they are chatting too much and just do not notice, it also happens when the dog owner just can’t be bothered to pick it up.

We do have signs all over Calderdale reminding us that it is an offence not to pick up after your dog. This is ignored because Calderdale Council have nobody to enforce this, they rely on the park gardeners or members of the public to approach the miscreants.

We have actually approached people ourselves offering them a dog bag, people who just have not seen it usually are pleased that it has been pointed out, the reaction of the others have resulted in us not approaching them anymore.

The answer of course is for the council to allocate resources to catch the people who just do not bother. Instead of this we will be having restrictions that will prevent people like ourselves entering certain areas of the park with our dogs. If resources are going to be allocated to identify people who do not pick up their dog muck then this can be done without the restrictions. If not then the problem will still exist.

The proposed dog control orders suggest the council want to reduce aggressive dog incidents, reduce strays and reduce strays that they have to take to a vet.

I cannot see the orders having any effect on any of these. We all want to achieve this but with this order the only way we will would be the manipulation of statistics. Of course everybody wants to reduce infection from dog muck but there is more chance of infection from the rubbish left in Shibden Park after a sunny weekend. Our dog walks in Manor Heath and Shibden have resulted in some very pleasant and sociable times for us and our dogs .

We also spend time in the beautiful walled garden at Manor Heath and at Shibden Park we enjoy a walk round the lake and also the gardens at the top. We also enjoy a drink and a snack at both locations.

This appears to be publicised as a “do you like to see dog poo on the ground?”, everybody would want to stop this. Even if it interpreted as a wider consultation then there are more non dog owners than there are dog owners and the British public have become very anti everything that they would not actively participate in.

The council state that they strongly believe in responsible dog ownership. Well, my wife and I are responsible dog owners and we do not consider that the banning of dogs in certain public areas indicates this. It indicates a council that has rushed into a proposal that will do nothing to deter dog owners who do not act responsibly.

Trevor Weatherill

Cragg Vale