Safety measures are vital in Elland

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Towngate House


Mr Ron Cotton’s concern of wasted roads cash in Elland, (Your Say, April 15) is unfounded. Neither of the two Zebra crossings mentioned or the ‘Sleeping Policemen’ in Westgate have been provided just to use up spare cash, they have been provided because there is a real need for them.

Close to the provision of the crossing in Victoria Road, there is Brooksbank school and Willow Court, an extra care housing complex with many of the residents having moderate to severe mobility problems.

At the point of the crossing in Jepson Lane, in the morning and afternoon there are many children crossing in order to get to and from the Brooksbank and Church of England schools. In addition there is Towngate House with 60 flats where the majority of tenants are in their 70s and 80s, again many with mobility problems.

In both instances, at peak times prior to the provision of the crossings, you had young people ‘dicing with death’ by dashing across the road in order to beat the oncoming traffic and mothers with young children and /or with prams, along with older people waiting many minutes, very patiently, for a lull in the traffic in order to cross. There are also two busy bus stops within yards of the Jepson Lane Zebra crossing.

With regards to the “huge”, as Mr Cotton calls them, speed bumps in Westgate, they are sited along the road fronting the C of E school, if he lived within the area he would not have failed to notice the excessive speed that some drivers drove pass the school and round the two sharp bends leading into the junction of Jepson Lane and Long Wall.

In answer to his question, “do they really need to have such large bumps?”, (They are no larger than they have to be), the answer most certainly is YES. What is the point of speed bumps that fail to slow motorists down? Now that most certainly would have been a waste of money!!

Speak to any parent with young children and ask them which they would prefer, a driver infuriated because he has to slow down or their child injured or worse, just because a driver was in a hurry.

Signs will soon be displayed in both directions, warning drivers of the Zebra crossings, along with other measures to make the crossings safer.

Gordon W Landall Chairman,

Elland & District Road Safety Group