Same old chestnuts all on one page!

Well done, Courier, you managed to get all the Luddites together on one page. The same old chestnuts trotted out, bankers bonuses, children suddenly becoming illiterate because teachers have to pay a bit more into their pensions and work a bit longer.

All this so that they can sit at home when they retire early, as a lot of them do and watch the rest of us working longer and paying taxes to keep them.

It’s about time these experts worked it out. The Government does not have any money, at any time and never has had, it is our money, paid to them in taxes to provide the services a civilised society needs, provided it can afford it.

The cutbacks that the whole population is suffering is as a direct result of the profligacy of the previous Labour government that spent money that it didn’t have. We now have the local Labour politicians standing shoulder to shoulder demanding that we keep spending what we don’t have. It’s time they got into the real world, where you only get what you can afford, and hard work comes with everybody’s territory not just the private sector.

Charles Moran

Lower Moor