Same-sex marriage: No snap decision is required


“Same-sex Marriage Divides Our MPs” was a headline in the Courier on May 14.

Our two local MPs reflect our country’s divided views on this controversial issue. The Marriage Bill before Parliament is causing mayhem in Westminster. Fair treatment for all citizens regardless of their sexual persuasion requires the wisdom of Solomon. If marriage is a blessing, then has not everyone the right to enjoy it if they want it? In the House of Commons a majority of MPs were in favour of this. Is not this just the next step after ‘civil partnerships’? Only the word ‘married’ is needed for a final contentment now. MPs thought so. Christian churches and other faith communities, with their Holy Scriptures, are challenged to reflect on their marriage teaching.
Christians remember the importance Jesus gave to the rite. It was at a wedding reception that he performed his first miracle, changing water into wine. Many Christians see marriage as a tradition with a long history. 
A man and a woman come together before God to create a family with husband and wife and some possibility of children. Division there may be, as our MPs show. No snap decision is required, thoughtful consideration is the way forward.

Frank Carless

Arden Road