Sat Nav misdirection

Burnley Road


Something needs to be done about the Sat Nav in the Burnley Road/Willowfield area before someone dies. On the 7th February I had unfortunately to ring for an ambulance for my husband.

I stated that our entrance was on Burnley Road but a short time later I could see from my window at the back a rapid response car driving up and down Willowfield Avenue, he then turned down to Rochdale Road before finally finding us.

Yes, he had relied on Sat Nav which directs drivers to Willowfield Avenue where there is no access to us.

We also saw the ambulance do the same thing. When the ambulance did arrive the back doors would not open and so another ambulance was sent for.

They were again not advised to keep on Burnley Road so did the same detour.

Fortunately although my husband was very ill the time wasted did not make a difference and the paramedics were excellent but 10 minutes extra could be a matter of life or death to someone else.

Our property has been here at least 6 years and workmen are always getting lost. Surely it should have been sorted by now.

Jean Hepworth