School plan is very good news

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I was delighted to read in the Courier that the plans for the new Ravenscliffe facility at Spring Hall have ‘moved a step closer’.

I and others have campaigned strenuously for this much-needed facility. Considering that the project was approved by the Cabinet and Full Council over a year ago, we have become increasingly frustrated that no progress appears to have been made, no spades sunk into the earth, no feasibility study carried out, and almost no news forthcoming from council officers or elected Members about what is (or more appropriately, is not) going on. Of course, the £1.5 million, pledged by the current and previous administrations for this facility, decreases in real-terms value the longer these extraordinary and puzzling delays continue, but at least we have the splendid news that plans have ‘moved a step closer’.

Keith Hutson

Former Councillor;
Ravenscliffe Campaigner

Warley Edge