Severe cold but no energy from the wind

Brier Hey Lane Mytholmroyd

The Meteorological Office recently confirmed that December was the coldest December since records began in 1824 and, during this period, there was very little or no wind.

Consequently, when the country had a high demand for energy the wind turbines only produced 0.4 per cent of the electricity required, enough to keep the lights on in Calderdale.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have stared a campaign, supported by the celebrity chefs, to persuade the public to eat unpopular fish. This is the department responsible for enforcing the fishing quotas, resulting in 60 per cent of fish caught being dumped back into the sea - dead. When half the world's population are starving, why don't they scrap the fishing quotas?

I have just been told that I can no longer buy light bulbs suitable for my wall lights.

These regulations have been imposed on the UK by unelected imbeciles in Brussels. Now much longer are our politicians going to allow this dictatorship to continue?

Councillor R H Marshall

Conservative, Luddendenfoot Ward