Sheriff should take charge

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Two things happened in Parliament this week that emphasize how much David Cameron is out of touch with the members of his party and the 10.7million voters who gave him his job.

Firstly, William Hague’s long overdue statement that the Government’s hands have been tied by the Euro Fanatic Lib Dems and secondly when Nadine Dorries asked ‘Call me Dave’ for his support over abortion and watering down of the Tory policies by the wet Lib Dems and by his own deputy Nick Clegg.

She implied that the Sheriff should recognise that he is in charge and not his deputy.

Cameron’s blustering reply left many Tory supporters and in particular his own back benchers, concerned about his weaknesses when confronted with this situation.

Cameron and Clegg are beginning to ruin Britain as it begins to enter its deepest recession yet, adding further weight to that old concern that the Lib tail is beginning to wag the Tory dog.

So far the Tory discontent remains a little frustrated, but if Cameron continues to cow tow to Clegg and his minority Lib Dem members, the Tory back benchers will swiftly turn to anger and rebellion.

Get a grip Dave, the Tory emblem is blue not some cowardly custard yellow. Finally how long before David Laws is included in this coalition? Watch this space, you heard it here first!

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green