Should we or shouldn’t we?

Myrtle Drive



As I’ve said before it’s now over 30 years since our inept council first started debating should we or shouldn’t we? Yes, it’s the wheelie bins and we now have them. Like them or loathe them they’re here to stay but what about recycling garden waste?

I’ve phoned the Helpline on numerous occasions and hit a brick wall. I’m told; “Take it to the waste site”. Answer: The waste site is shut until June. “Use Sowerby Bridge” or Queensbury.” Answer: I don’t have transport. “Collect a lot and phone the council to move it (as bulk items).” Answer: What, save it for six months? Goodbye.

Easy way to get rid of it if you don’t have much, bag it and put it in a litter bin. So much for recycling. Just give us a bin for garden waste Sita and do what we want for a change - recycle!

Yes, some of us are in favour of recycling but we need your help.

Steve Webster