Sign up stores first!


Now that we have learnt that Sheffield council has effectively sacked Hammerson the developers following lack of progress on their Sevenstone shopping development, will Calderdale council please show some sense and undertake that no new library building will take place until a firm agreement has taken place between the council, the proposed developers of the Northgate site and prospective store owners.

Note that if Sheffield and Bradford can’t manage it what makes the council think that Calderdale can? We don’t need expenditure on a new library, particularly one which is inferior to the existing one and in a less suitable location until something concrete is nailed on regarding the Northgate site.

Excuse the puns! The cost of a new building must not be incurred without knowing the timescale and therefore the total cost to the taxpayer. If it is, then that indicates complete recklessness on the part of the council and a total contempt for the tax paying electorate.

Bob Mantle

Cawcliffe Drive.