Silly schemes while our roads crumble

In 27 May Courier you asked for comments re the council’s attempts to “cure” the potholes. I wish to add my twopence worth.

For well over twenty years now the investment in the road network and infrastructure has been absolutely pathetic.

However the politically correct and anti-car fascism sector has managed to spend billions on silly schemes and alterations while the basic network has crumbled. I cite prime examples of such stupidity in the Manchester Road guided bus lane in Bradford and the Halifax Town Centre zones and loops lunacy.

In fact most towns and cities have had their road networks destroyed. All these things cost a fortune yet our roads have been starved of funding required just to be kept in a basic condition.

Add on those empty bus-lanes, those very discriminatory 2+ lanes, silly chicanes and pavement build outs, speed humps, islands put in to stop overtaking, light controlled pedestrian crossings which are set to red to traffic unless traffic is detected and over-exaggerated cycle lanes and you see where the money has gone.

Of course far be it of me to say that these schemes (usually sanctioned and agreed by purely office-based managers protecting their jobs) are work created but wouldn’t all that effort to disrupt and destroy have been better applied to maintaining the road network.

I am all for pedestrian safety but my every day my observation of people crossing the roads of Halifax and other towns is that they will cross where they want to!

Just before a “green” decides to take me to task might I remind everyone that our roads are used by Fire, Police and Ambulance services.

They are also used by public transport services like coaches, buses and taxis and not only the private driver. However the biggest and of utmost importance to us all is that the network (where they haven’t been banned from) is used by the commercial sector which keeps our economy going.

By putting obstacles in their way slows down commerce and jobs, but as per usual those obstructing our highways and damaging the economy sit in the cosy public sector!

That our villages and towns are still without by-passes and that HGVs can still thunder through them is testimony to backward looking and crass policies of the last 20 years and more.

Elland by-pass, like Burdock Way, was a foresight of yesteryear and that kind of thinking and investment needs to be returned rather than the ridiculously expensive and unconvincing High Speed Rail 2 scheme to name but one.

Yes I would love to see the potholes filled in but I would rather see an end to the folly of the last years and a return to sensible and effective investment in our road network. The vile amount of taxes taken from motoring people and businesses is frittered elsewhere and a tiny percentage reinvested into the road network. Shameful, absolutely shameful.

Coun Roger Taylor

Glen Terrace, Halifax